Are you bored? Finding a solution to boredom can be challenging. This is especially true if you feel depressed or restlessness. Discover ways to get unstuck with scientifically-based tools, guidance, and processes that get your life back on track so you can happy again.


Bored in Retirement?

Boredom in retirement commonly begins 1-2 years after you stop working. It surfaces when you feel a lack of direction for your life. According to Mihaly, Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience he found that boredom stems from the following 4 things:

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Bored in Marriage?

Marriage is not easy. Roughly 1/2 of all first marriages, 2/3 of second marriages, and three-3/4 marriages fail. Surprisingly, wives initiate 80 percent of divorce proceedings. Many marriages don’t work out because of two main reason.

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Bored in Life? 

Feeling bored with life can happen at any age. It’s a sign that you are not being challenged or developing yourself. Boredom takes place when you lose sight of your vision, aren’t applying your talents, and don’t have a clear plan of action for where you want to take your life. 

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“When bored, you feel that your actions are meaningless…it makes you long for different and purposeful activities and, as a result you turn towards more challenging and meaningful activities, turning towards what you perceive to be really meaningful in life.” —A.P. van Tilburg, PhD