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Feeling bored with life can happen at any age. It’s a sign that you are not being challenged or developing yourself. Boredom takes place when you lose sight of your vision, aren’t applying your talents, and don’t have a clear plan of action for where you want to take your life. 

Boredom researcher, Wijnand A.P. van Tilburg, Ph.D. believes that when "bored, you feel that your actions are meaningless…it makes you long for different and purposeful activities and, as a result, you turn towards more challenging and meaningful activities, turning toward what you perceive to be really meaningful in life."  

Too often people blame their situation for the boredom (it’s my spouse, it’s my boss, it’s my family). Instead, boredom indicates that the changes you need to make are within yourself. Coaching helps you quickly identify the cause of your boredom and create an action plan for bringing fulfillment back to your life. Let coaching help you get your life back on track.   

How Coaching Helps

  • Identify the cause of your boredom;

  • Discover ways to stop feeling lost and unproductive;

  • Realize and live your purpose;

  • Learn scientifically-based tools and short-term processes to create a plan of action to help you get unstuck and have a fulfilling life;

  • Help you identify your values, gifts, passions, and strengths and discover ways to apply them;

  • Learn to see opportunities, not weaknesses;

  • Develop a sense of identity and direction;

  • Find ways to stop boredom from turning into depression;

  • Define and implement a plan of action to increase your chances of getting what you want in life.

  • Increase your level of creativity;

Get your life back on track.
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