Marriage Coaching

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Marriage is not easy. Roughly 1/2 of all first marriages, 2/3 of second marriages, and three-3/4 marriages fail. Surprisingly, wives initiate 80 percent of divorce proceedings. Many marriages don’t work out because people have unrealistic expectations.

Also, two key components make a relationship successful. The first is the development of the couple. The second is the continuation of self-growth. When the progression of either stall, boredom surfaces. Although most people minimize its significance, boredom is a critical emotion that needs to be addressed. Short-term marriage coaching helps you quickly identify and correct the weak areas in your relationship.

How Coaching Helps

  • Identify the cause of your boredom;

  • Apply scientifically-based exercises to reconnect with your partner;

  • Learn phrases and body language to improve marital connection;

  • Tools to sabotage the divorce fantasy;

  • Discover ways to stop feeling lost and unproductive;

  • Realize and live your purpose;

  • Learn scientifically-based tools and short-term processes to create a plan of action to help you get unstuck and have a fulfilling life;

  • Identify your values, gifts, passions, and strengths and discover ways to apply them;

  • Learn to see opportunities, not weaknesses;

  • Develop a sense of identity and direction;

  • Define and implement a plan of action to increase your chances of getting what you want in life.

  • Increase your level of creativity.

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